Can I Rekey a Schlage Lock?

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Rekey a Schlage Lock

When it comes to state-of-the-art security devices, Schlage has been among the most trusted for 90 years. To rekey a Schlage lock, the existing lock key and a Schlage rekeying kit are needed.

Easy Rekeying Solution

For a SecureKey, the process requires only two steps and no special tools. For this, the cut blue reset key that comes with the lock is inserted and turned to an 11 o’clock position and then removed. The new cut blue reset key that matches the lock’s new keys is inserted, turned to the 12 o’clock position, and removed. It’s that simple — the Schlage SecureKey lock is rekeyed.

Instructions in Response to “Can I Rekey a Schlage Lock”

Even if your home or business has a different type of Schlage lock, rekeying is still an option. The existing key will need to be inserted into the lock and then turned 90 degrees in a clockwise position, landing at 3 o’clock. Looking on the door knob stem, find the catch, which is a small metal button located to the left. Using the front tab on the key gauge sold as part of the kit, push in the catch, which in turn releases the knob so it can be pulled off.

The key is then turned 90 degrees in a counterclockwise direction to the 12 o’clock position. After pulling the key out, the cylinder is released so the tail end drops inside the knob. Looking at the key opening, you should notice it is on an angle and slightly lower. You then want to push the cylinder through so it comes out of the knob on the backside. As you push it through, the cylinder cap will depress.

The retaining clip is pushed off the cylinder’s end using the U gauge that came with the kit. Now, the new key is inserted and turned clockwise 90 degrees. The plug follower, also included in the kit and designed to push the key and keyhole out the front, is inserted into the back of the cylinder. Once inside, the plug follower should not be pulled out, since it helps to keep the springs and bottom pins firmly in place.

Turn the plug that is part of the key over, allowing the bottom pins to dump out. Next, the new pins are inserted into the plug, keeping them perfectly flush. The plug is then reinserted into the cylinder housing and forced out the back. From there, the cylinder’s C clip is inserted and the key removed. Depressing the cap on top of the cylinder makes it possible to get it back into the knob.

The cap is then lined up with the slot located inside the sleeve of the knob, the cylinder pushed back in, the new key inserted and turned 90 degrees, and the catch button aligned with the shank’s slot. Finally, to rekey the Schlage lock, the key gauge is used to push in the catch button, followed by the knob being slid back onto the shaft. The key is turned 90 degrees in a counterclockwise direction to 12 o’clock and removed.

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