Important Information about Garage Door

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Important Information about Garage Door


Millions of homes have garage doors, yet most homeowners know very little about them other that they open and close. Here is some important information you should know about garage doors.


Safety Concerns


Even with a modern garage door that is properly maintained, there are still safety concerns. Especially if you have small children, this information is vital.


  • Maintenance – A locksmith or garage door company should provide regular safety inspections and routine maintenance to ensure the door is in top working condition.


  • Education – Family members, especially younger children, need to be taught about the potential dangers of garage doors. Even though the design has improved to include a number of safety features, like reversing, this is extremely important.


  • Springs – Garage door springs are subject to a tremendous amount of tension, so over time, they will break. Because a broken spring could come snap, causing serious injury, it is imperative for springs to be checked on a regular basis.


  • Remote Control – Most people think that remote controls are perfectly safe, but in reality, there are risks. First-generation remotes were all given one code, so someone could simply hit the button and raise any number of doors. While you can set your own unique combination, this too raises risk should a criminal use what is known as a code grabber. Therefore, your best bet in keeping your home protected is with rolling code technology. In this case, a new security code is transmitted every time the button is pressed. There are literally more than 100 billion codes, so the chance of a criminal gaining access is nil.


  • Emergency Release – The emergency release on the garage door should be secure. A licensed locksmith can show you how to do this while ensuring the door remains functional.


  • Deadbolt – Just as you would the front door, have a locksmith install a deadbolt on the garage door. Although a key has to be used, if you live in a high-crime area or have experienced a break-in, a little bit of inconvenience is nothing. You also need a deadbolt on the door that goes from the garage into the home. Unfortunately, this door’s security is often overlooked, but it is very important.


  • Peephole – Instead of physically peering out of the home when you hear a strange noise, a wide-angle peephole installed between the home and the garage allows you to see if anything of concern is going on.


  • Windows – If your garage has windows, be sure to cover them or spray them with a frost covering. With open windows, thieves can see everything in the garage and determine if there are any special locking mechanisms on the door leading into the home.

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