Can Locksmiths Fix Garage Door?

Posted by on Nov 18, 2014 in Locksmith

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Despite popular belief, locksmiths are trained to do much more than simply let you into your home when you lock yourself out. They can also change or repair the locks on your home and, depending on the locksmith, they will be able to do the same for your car, safe, or even garage door. The key thing to remember, however, is that not all locksmiths will offer the same services, so you need to always let them know what type of service you need done when you give them a call. Otherwise, they may end up making a trip to your home only to return when they can’t do the job.

Importance of Your Garage Door

Although not everyone realizes it, your garage door can be just as important as your front door when it comes to home security. Most people keep a range of expensive items in their garage, including their cars, bikes, power tools, and lawn equipment. It is also very common to leave the door connecting your garage door and home unlocked, and that means that if the garage door fails in terms of security, intruders can easily enter your home.

 Evaluate the Door

Locksmiths that work with garage doors can usually perform a wide range of services related to the doors. One of the most important would be to examine your garage door carefully when you notice something unusual in its functioning. Locksmiths with training in garage doors will be able to analyze the door and determine what the problem is as well as how to fix it or whether it can be fixed. They will also be able to advise you on whether you should repair or replace your garage door, just like they would with a front door or car lock.

Give Advice for Replacement

If it turns out that your garage door does need to be replaced, locksmiths can give you their expert opinion on the ideal garage door for your property. They will take you through the advantages and disadvantages of different options, such as metal or wood, and give you advice on how to keep your home secure by selecting a sturdy garage door.

Door Openers and Locks

Although locksmiths that also work with garage doors will frequently do general repairs or install doors, they tend to focus on the garage door openers and locks. In fact, these two types of repairs tend to make up the majority of their work in relation to garage doors. They will provide all the same services for a standard garage door lock as they would for a lock on any other door, such as repairing, replacing, rekeying, and letting you in. Garage door openers require similar services, but because there is a mechanical/electric component involved, it is slightly different, involving troubleshooting for lubrication, stripped gears, bent rails, or defective circuit boards.

Be Sure to Ask

It is important to keep in mind that although many locksmiths do indeed fix garage doors, not every one of them will. This is another specialization, and as such, it requires unique tools and training than working with standard door locks or those in cars. As such, you should always ask a locksmith whether he or she works with garage doors before hiring, as this will save both of you time and money.

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